Curiosity Checklist


User’s checklist responses can serve as parameters or constraints that the XAI system might use to generate explanations that are tailored to each user’s explanation needs. XAI-generated explanations that are so tailored could potentially enhance the user’s trust by satisfying their curiosity or resolving their uncertainty.

Users’ free responses may be used in the following additional ways:

  • To provide a window into the user’s mental model, or its perceived insufficiencies.
  • To provide a window into aspects of the AI system’s operations that need more or better explaining.
  • To reveal ways in which the AI’s explanation method might suppress or inhibit curiosity, and
  • To make it possible to use depth of curiosity (i.e., more triggers are checked) as an independent variable in research on human-XAI interaction.

Intended Use

The purpose of the Curiosity Checklist is to enable researchers to gain a quick look at why a user wants an explanation.


Not all users/learners will manifest curiosity.